What is in that cup?!



Every morning I drink the drink you see above. Inevitably when I go in public I get at least one weird look. I’ve had friends refuse to taste the drink because it’s green. But I’m here to tell you…Green doesn’t mean disgusting! I love my green smoothie! It’s not heavy on my stomach, but keeps me satisfied until lunchtime.

On days I work out, I eat a spoonful of almond butter on my way out the door (and lots of water before I leave too). When I get back from my workout, around 10/10:15 I usually make this smoothie. It keeps me full until lunchtime.  On non-workout days I usually have this as my breakfast and then have a small mid-morning snack of fruit (apple, berries, etc).

Here is what you need:

*Super blender (I loooooove my Blendtec-I use it for everything!)

*3-4 pitted dates

*2 cups spinach

*1 scoop chocolate protein powder (I use MRM brand, I love that it has nothing artificial in it)

*1 Tbsp chia or flax seeds

*dash of cinnamon (optional)

*1 cup water


Add the ingredients, except ice, to your blender in the order listed. I hit the whole juice button on mine (another reason I love the Blendtec-it’s fool proof!). After it has gone through it’s cycle, I add the ice and hit smoothie. This turns it from liquid to smoothie consistency. If you have a regular blender, just blend all the ingredients until the spinach is as fine as you can get it, then add the ice to make it a smoothie.

The dates add sweetness, while the protein powder covers the taste of the spinach. My friends who are brave enough to try my green smoothie are actually impressed with how yummy it is. (Thank you, friends for being brave!)



Other ingredients to change it up:

-Sub half a banana for the dates

-Use green tea in place of water (I do this on most non-workout days)

-add different leafy greens

-add a drop of stevia for a hint of sweetness

-sub almond/coconut milk and add 1 tbsp coconut oil for more of a pina colada taste

-sub frozen mango for dates


So are you brave enough to try???? What’s your favorite green smoothie?







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