I’m what kind of dog??!!! Seriously??!!!

Can we talk guilty pleasures for one minute? Mine…endless personality quizzes. I’m not talking EFNJ, INPJ, whatever. I’m talking What kind of Dog are you? Which Disney Princess Are You? Yes, those kind of quizzes. The ones that really mean nothing, but you always wonder which answer you’ll get. Do you secretly hope for a certain answer? I totally do! Then sometimes I’m bummed that I don’t get the answer that I want.

Know what always amazes me though??? Even if my answer is unexpected..the explanation is always spot on!! Like the dog quiz. I was hoping for a lab (everyone loves them!) or an american bulldog (so tough yet loving!); know what I got?  Chihuahua!! Seriously! I was shocked, for one. Then disappointed second. And then I read the description….

So, you’re a Chihuahua! Two words to describe you: energetic and classy. You somehow always manage to show up places looking nothing short of sharp, turning heads and stealing hearts. Plus, you’ve mastered the art of ignoring haters. Haters gonna hate and you have no time in your day for that.

True words right there! And if you know me-you know I am quite energetic! I’ve been told I’m classy, Audrey Hepburn classy. I’m not sure about that one, but I would love it if I am! (wow, that’s a lot of exclamation marks!)

As for the Disney quiz (did you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney movies??!!)..I totally wanted to be Rapunzel or Ariel. Rapunzel seems to brave and fun and Ariel is adventurous and my daughter’s favorite (before Frozen came along, now everyone’s favorite is Elsa!). Who did I get? Mulan! For real?! Read on…

Outgoing and vivacious, you are considered the sporty one in your group. However, athletics are not the sum total of who you are as you have a keen interest in the world around you.

How do they know me so well?! I give up! No more being disappointed in my results.

Do you love the quizzes? Which one has been your favorite??






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