Modern Life Can Wait

Tonight my daughter is at a sleepover, so it’s just me and the boys. The baby was cranky, so I was putting him to bed. My little man asked if we were taking a bath. Not tonight i told him (we are every other night baths for the kids…unless we have some messy days!), he replied with a sweet but sad “awwwwwwww”. When asked if he wanted a bath, his eyes lit up and said “YES!”. After the okay he ran to take his clothes off and go potty. I put the baby to bed and got the bath ready for my little man, complete with bubbles-yet another way to see those eyes light up!

As I sat watching him playing, my mind started to wonder to the things I needed/wanted to do. You see, after the kids go to bed I try to get some chores done, but usually end up  wasting my time on facebook or pinterest or amazon. I check my email about 4 times too many and read the same facebook posts, refreshing just in case anything happened that I must know about! I opened my mouth to give him the two minute warning, but paused. I watched him play with the toys, his imagination in full swing. he was completely happy….he had the bath all to himself. No sister taking up all the space, no baby kicking or splashing him. Just him and the toys. I reminded myself how special this time is. Not just for me-watching and enjoying him being a kid, but for him-having me all to himself with no rushing, no one interrupting him, and no iphone texting or notifying me. Chores can wait; facebook, pinterest, email can all wait. But that time with him can not wait. That time will be gone so soon. I just sat and smiled as I watched his imagination, watched him being just who he was…and I enjoyed every single second.

I make a promise to myself now: I promise to enjoy my kids, to be focused on them, I promise chores, facebook, email can all wait. Because when I go to bed at night, I know that I will truly have seen my kids, without the distractions of modern life. And that is what matters.

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