I’m a great mom…and so are you!

So I decided something a couple of weeks ago. I decided I was a great mom. I came to realize what makes me a great mom. It’s not the cool presents I buy, it’s not the awesome cakes I make (which I definitely do NOT…the runny elmo cake of 2009 proves it), it’s not the endless crafts I have on hand to do in a crunch. (BTW-I have none of those things)

What makes me a great mom is the time I spend with my kids. It’s taking them to the park. It’s cuddling on the couch reading books. It’s playing cards and board games and doing puzzles together. It’s baking (premade) cookies together, then making a huge mess decorating them with sprinkles and icing. Sure, it might look like the sprinkle factory exploded in our kitchen; but the pride I can see when they show me their cookie creations just makes my heart melt.

I used to think I had to make every cake (and make it look prefect), perfectly plan every birthday party, and take my kids to endless activities to be a great mom. I was so wrong. I used to think I had to be at every soccer practice and every game, at every school performance (even the repeat ones). I realized that sometimes we just have to step back. You know what’s just as cool as seeing my kids score a goal? Hearing her tell me about it-hearing the pride in her voice and seeing it in her smile as she retells how it happened.

So what if I didn’t make her Halloween costume this year? So what if I didn’t make her cake from scratch? So what if I bought the whole cake?! I was there to light the candles for her. I was there to snuggle and read her favorite book. I was there to do the puzzle with him and see the excited smile when he completed it (for the 900th time).  I was there do to the things THEY wanted me to do…not things Pinterest makes me think I should do.  That makes me a great mom….and it makes you one too!

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