Watching the Fun, not the phone!

Last week I read a status posted by a dad. ( You may have seen it here.)  It really resonated with me. It talked about putting down our phones and really watching our kids. Watching our little girls twirl in their tutus, our boys doing a super hero move, toddlers popping bubbles! These are some of the moments I most adore of my kids. The moments where they are completely and totally in the moment, using their imagination, and truly being themselves. These are the little things they love that put them in a moment in time. SONY DSC

Now I’ll be honest, I don’t love running around the playground with my kids. I would much rather sit on the bench and watch them play (or check my phone….heaven forbid I miss a facebook update!). I’m not saying I”m on my phone aaaaallll the time, but it has been known to happen. Gosh, those times I do watch them….what I see is amazing! I see their imaginations growing and their creativity flowing. I see them for the amazing, fun, caring, friendly, helpful children they are.

So what’s my plan? Take my kids to the playground and actively watch them. Keep my phone in the stroller pocket. Only answer it if it rings (because if it was important, they’d call not text!). And take in every moment I can of my kids as they grow. I know I”ll be glad I did.

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