Old Fashioned Dining

I love going to restaurants. I love the decor, I love the food, and I love themes. Recently, we had to drop my aunt and uncle off at their hotel before their very early am flight. We caught some lunch while we were down in Palm Springs, since it’s over and hour’s drive to the airport area. And as we all know, having three kids in the car means you must take a break while down there..or you risk major meltdowns! I was in no mood for that!

We decided to let the kids pick a place and they picked Ruby’s Diner. For those who aren’t familiar, Ruby’s is themed as a diner from the 1950′s. It’s so great! They have lots of comfort food like burgers, hot dogs, and root beer floats (which are at the top of my list)! Though they surprised me with their healthy options too…turkey burgers and yummy salads. The waiter brought us a high chair for the baby and I almost didn’t want to put the cover on it, it was so cute! But of course I did because you never know what germs are milling about on those things. Echhhh! I did snap a quick photo with my trusty iphone camera before blocking those germs out!

IMG_1537How cute is that?!

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