Treat yourself this year

I’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day. I do love getting gifts (and giving them!), but I like when they are for no special reason. I actually told my husband he really only needed to get me gifts for our anniversary and mothers day. Now that we have children we have added birthdays to the list.

Any of you with me on the whole Valentine’s Day being overrated? overpriced? But that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate yourself though! This year, how about treating yourself for Valentine’s Day? Get dolled up, put on your sexy undies, and get your picture taken! Never done boudoir pictures before? Not to worry! It’s all about your comfort level. All pictures are tasteful and you can wear as much or as little as you choose. After our time together you will feel beautiful, sexy, and ready to take on the world. Give me a call and we can chat about how to tap into your inner sexy!  (’cause you’ve got it!)


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