Sooner than I thought!

It was at a really young age that I knew I wanted to be a mommy. As I got older, I knew that soon out of college, soon after I was married that I wanted to have kids. I wanted to be in my early twenties. Maybe because my mom was 25 when she had me (as I was when my daughter was born!), maybe because I had no aspirations of being a big business woman, lawyer, etc. I have a couple of friends who were the opposite. My friend Lindsay, being one of them. I think she had said no kids before 35. There was vet school to come, traveling, living different places, and a few other things. When she called me 6 months ago and said she was having a baby, I almost fell off my bed! I love when my friends have kids!  I get to throw showers, pick out gifts, and then of course hold those precious little ones. The best part about this announcement was that she was thrilled, even if it was 4 years earlier than planned!

Over the next few weeks we threw around dates for her shower so I could make the drive 3.5 hours and be able to take her maternity photos. Last weekend, the time finally came! I hadn’t seen Linds since my little man was teeny tiny, and we were thrilled to see each other again. We got up before the sun Saturday because we both love silhouette photos. And did I mention……I got to try something totally new….adding a horse into the mix! It was amazing!

Here are a few of my favorites….



8 thoughts on “Sooner than I thought!

  1. RACHEL! first of all, i’m tickled that i get to comment on YOUR VERY OWN blog…finally!

    second, daaaaang woman. the shot of linds and her man with the horse – that needs to go on the wall. BUH-RILLIANT!


  2. ummm I totally cried when I read your post! thanks so much, rach!! :) and yes, I sure thought I’d have a lot more checked off my list before this time but wow, what an awesome feeling this is and I can’t wait to meet the little guy/girl :)

    thanks again for being a part of this special time in my life and for being my friend. you mean the world to me and I appreciate all of your support and encouragement over the past few trying years. love you!! you did an amazing job!!!

  3. Rachel-I have chills reading about your journey…owning a business IS an awesome feeling, I love that feeling too. Congratulations, you really are SOARing! And lastly, and most importantly, these sillouette horse & maternity images? OUTRAGEOUSLY awesome…

  4. First of all Congrats! Second of all… I am soooo blown away, awe struck, totally amazed, and absolutely in love. First of all… I cried watching your SOAR video and reading some of your work. But these pictures have got me totally freaking out (in a good way). I have a horse, and absolutely love horses so seeing these pictures has got me sooo excited! I can’t say enough how absolutely amazing these pictures are! Gorgeous.

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