I did it!

My best friend owns a Crossfit gym in North Carolina, Crossfit Vitality. If you’re ever in Charlotte, drop by there-this place is amazing. Jess and I hit it off right from the start. We met at a spouse training and became neighbors the next week and were instant friends. Our hubbies were both deployed and we had no children. The things we had in common right away was our love of fitness. We’d run together a couple times a week and have numerous movie nights until the guys came home. I was thrilled when she told me she was opening a gym-it was perfect for her and Steve. They love working out together and are both so awesome with people.

A few months after the opening of the gym, I was pregnant with little man. I was looking at the gym pictures and saw Jess flipping a tire. Now if you’ve never done it, let me tell you-it’s hard! My eyes got huge and I was so amazed that Jess was able to flip that tire all by herself. I thought to myself “Amazing, never will I be able to do that”. At the time I considered myself fit, heck I was still teaching fitness classes 7 month pregnant! That tire flipping was something that seemed so far beyond my reach, I was just in awe of Jess.

Fast forward about a year. Little man is 4 or 5 months old. Pete and I are working out at the track-running, pull ups, burpees, etc-I finished before him. I look over at the tires and tell him I”m going to attempt to flip a tire. He gives me a couple of pointers as we walk over there. I squat down, super nervous. I tighten my abs, get a grip on the tire…..and up it comes! I pushed that baby all the way over! Then I did it 9 more times!

It was such an exhilarating feeling! What an accomplishment! I was still in shock a couple of hours later. I will say this…I was so proud of myself! It makes me again realize, nothing is out of your reach. Sometimes you just gotta go for it.

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